Deadline 4 Maret 2016
Essay Writing Competition

a.    Theme
Essay Competition in NEC V is held by Student’s Council of English and Literature Department, Faculty of Languages and Arts, State University of Medan. The theme of this competition is “A Moment to Shine Brighter”.
This competition also has several sub-themes such as:
    Education – Breaking Out the Problems in Education to Produce  More Competitive Human Resources
    Culture – Exploring the Wealth of Indonesian Cultures to Strengthen the National Identity in the Global World
    Youth – Being a Role Model for Public in Character Building

b.    Administration Requirements
1.    Students of both undergraduate (S1) and post-graduate (S2) studies from all over Indonesia can submit their papers.
2.    This competition is an individual competition.
3.    Every participant is allowed to send two manuscripts.
4.    The participant must fulfill the administration requirements and fill up the registration form.
5.    The participant pays the registration fee through the bank which is chosen by the committee and sends the scanned payment receipt via e-mail
6.    The registration fee is Rp. 85.000,-to the bank account by the number as follow : BNI 035-504-391-6 (Amallyanna Ramadhini)
7.    The participantis pleased to do the confirmation to this phone number 0823-6478-7959) (Lucky)for notifying that s/he has sent the manuscript at least 24 hours.
8.    The participant must attach ascanned/copied self-identity card like student card.
9.    The participant must fulfill and complete the declaration of originality.
10.    The registration form and declaration of originality are attached in competition guide.

c.    Essay Terms

1.    Original
The script should be original; neither a plagiarized nor translated work can be accepted. The script has never been published in any media and submittedto any similar competition event. Violation of this first rule will cause a participant to be disqualified.
2.    Innovative
The script preferablycontains innovative ideas which are sufficiently supported by the realistic theories.

3.    Systematic
The essay should be organized in a clear and chronologicalorder and be supported by credible sources of information or data.

d.    Competition Terms
1.    The judges’ decision is undisputable.
2.    The submitted script becomes the committee’s archive and will not be returned.
3.    The committee has a right to publish the essay script in any kind of media yet maintainsthe ownership.
4.    Writing terms :
a.    The title is typed in capital letters.
b.    The writer’s name is written below the title.
c.    The writer’s institution is written below the writer’s name.
d.    A CV of the writer is attachedat the last page.
e.    The length of the script is 1.500 (one thousand and five hundred) words.
f.    The essay should be written in formal English.
g.    The essay is typed with double space in A4 paper by using Times New Roman 12pt.
h.    The margin terms; left 4cm, right 3cm, top 3cm, bottom 3cm.
i.    Phone number of your institution and a contact number should be written in the CV.
j.    If necessary, footnote can be used.

e.    The Writing Organization
1.    Arrangement
a.    Cover
b.    Script/contents
c.    Appendix
2.    Page number is not used in cover and appendix sheet. Cover format: Title, Institution logo, writer’s name, student’s registration number, faculty/department, year.
3.    Page number is started from the content of the script by using Arabic number (1,2,3,4, etc.) in the right-bottom corner.
4.    The certificate for the participants will be given by e-mail after the competition finishes.
f.    Prizes
Best 50 (fifty) scripts will be published in a book by using ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) as a standard.
Best 5 (five) scripts will be invited to be presented in front of the judges on 19th March 2016 at State University of Medan. Best 3 (three) scripts will be awarded as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners and deserve to get:
1.    Trophy
2.    Certificate of appreciation
3.    Coaching fund

The finalists will get a field trip to Toba Lake for 1 day with the committee after the event finishes.
Competition Schedule


7th of January - 4th of March 2016
Via e-mail

4th of March 2016
Deadline of Sending the Script
Via e-mail

12th of March 2016
Best 5 Finalists Announcement
Via Website

19th of March 2016
Presenting the Essay in front of the Judges and announcing 3 Winners

20th of March 2016
Field Trip for the Finalists

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