Brawijaya English Tournament 2015


Hi Indonesia!
Formasi - Universitas Brawijaya proudly presents Brawijaya English Tournament (BET). This is our annual tournament for high school students in national level. At 1994, Formasi already conducted Brawijaya English Tournament for the first time. And now, for 2015, this Brawijaya English Tournament is calling back the spirit of high schooler in all around Indonesia to compete in this prestigious tournament!
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Here’s the detail information about the competitions:
1. Debate competitions. We will use Asian parliamentary system with POI and the speech will be delivered in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Each institution can send max. 3 teams (2 teams in main list, 1 teams in waiting list).
2. Storytelling and Speech competitions. There will be three round in this competition: preliminary, octofinal and grandfinal round. Prepare story and theme for speech will be announced Days-30.

Brawijaya English Tournament 2015 will be held on February 27th –March 1st 2015 in University of Brawijaya, Malang. We open registration phase, December 15th 2014 - January 31st 2015 (batch 1) and February 1st – February 14th 2015 (batch 2). For further information about this event, you can contact: Billal (0857 4901 2995), Nurul (0878 7548 2122) Or mention us on twitter: @BET2K15. If you want to register yourself, just visit our blog and fill the online registration form at:

See you in Malang :)

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