National Scientific Dental Project 2017

FKG Unpad with excitement proudly presents:

National Scientific Dental Project

šŸ“… 22 August 2017

Dental olympic lineup šŸ†
- wire competition
- carving competition
- dent smart

Dentistry & technology expo lineup šŸŽŖ
- exhibition
- food stand
- dental techno

- June 4th registration opened
- July 16th registration closed for dental smart
- July 23rd online test
- July 30th top 12 candidates selection
- August 13th registration closed for dental olympic

Registration fee šŸ“„
100k/man for carving competition
100k/man for wire competition
150k/man for dent smart

Prizes šŸ†
-Dental olympic 
1st winner : Rp1.000.000
2nd winner : Rp750.000
3rd winner : Rp500.000

-Dent smart
1st winner : Rp5.000.000
2nd winner : Rp3.000.000
3rd winner : Rp2.500.000
{All include sertificate and medal}

CP Dentsmart : Adzka F.M. (line: adzkafm/ 085715084636)
CP Wax Carving : Vina A.P. (line: vinadinda/ 08111460466)
CP Wire Bending : Dea H.A. (line: deahazr/ 082133185329)

Please check these out for more info;

Instagram: @NSDP2017
Line: @uzo2539f
Facebook: National Scientific Dental Project 2017
Twitter: @NSDP2017