Cyber Competition 6

Deadline 5 April 2015
Cycom Smansasi Proudly Presents:
~Cyber Competition 6~
"War Of Creativity"

Open Registration: 9 March - 5 April 2015
Technical Meeting: 28 March 2015
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The Day of Competition: 19 April 2015

There will be:
*LCT (Lomba Cepat Tepat)
Fee: 50.000/Team (Max 3 Person)
CP: Aryo: 081322517737

*Cybermovie (Indie Movie)
Fee: 75.000/Movie
CP: Salsa: 08129925965

*Cybertography (Fotografi)
Fee: 50.000
CP: Rara: 085882250889

*Cyberdesign (Design Grafis)
Fee: 50.000
CP: Shania: 08170180181

*Cybotic (Autonomus Sumo Robotik)
Fee: 150.000/Team (Max 3 Person)
CP: Ivan: 081806185401


And Also: 
FREE SEMINAR with theme: "LET'S BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE!" for all citizens!

Sign Up at SMAN 1 Bekasi
Contact Person for Cyber Competition 6:
Faiz (082312760639)
Farah (083870565597)
Line : frfusch21
Twitter: @cycomsmansasi
info ini dikirimkan oleh Farah Yulianti

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