English Debate Competition for Senior High School Students among Students in Jakarta

Deadline 25 Februari 2014

We are from English Coffee Club (ECC) and collaborating with Student Senate TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY (SS TAU) proudly present "English Debate Competition for Senior High School Students among Students in Jakarta”.
The theme is Building Mutual Relationship Among Students in Jakarta. It is limited for 16 teams. So, Be the first to register

Important dates
a. Open registration on 10th-25th February 2014
b. Technical Meeting on 28th February in TANRI ABENG UNIVERSITY
c. The preliminary round will be started on 1st March 2014

  1. The registration is free and opened for every Senior High Schools in Jakarta including TAU Student
  2. Each team consists of 3 participants from the same schools/majors for the university category
  3. Each school/ Major can only send maximum of 2 teams as representative of the institution by sending back the confirmation form to the committee.
  4. Participants are required to fill in the registration form and attach scanned identity card and photo, and submit it before the due date.
  5. The registration will be closed when the maximum targets are accomplished.
  6. Substitution is not allowed during the competition. Any kind of substitution should be informed to the committee before the competition. 
  7. Participants should come on 28th February for Technical Meeting as stated on the schedule above.
The motions are

1. THBT University education should be free
2. THBT University is waste of time
3. THBT Time duration of religion study should be added
4. THBT Teachers are the key to success
5. THBT Students are banned to bring gadgets to school
6. THBT Internet encourages democracy
7. THBT Science is a threat to humanity
8. THBT Students are not allowed to bring vehicles to School
9. THW Abolish School uniform
10. THW Ban beauty contests

It is free registration and get the rewards such as Money, Certificate, Medallion, and Scholarship

If you have any question, feel free to contact us:
Facebook : English Coffee Club 

Twitter : @TAU_ECC
Adit : 0856 2458 4326
Ebit : 0812 1862 2337

*info ini diperoleh dari Ebit Putra via email*

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