FSDE 2013 Paper Competition :"International Challenge on Economic Ideas"

Deadline 23 September 2013

FSDE 2013 a nonprofit annual event that is organized by the Economics’ Student Association of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). This year marks the 7th time the event has been held since 2006. The main theme of the 7th Economic Study and Discussion Forum is "Combating Inequality Toward Sustainable Economy".

This event consists of three main events; the National Economic Competition (NEC) for Senior High School student, International Challenge on Economic Ideas (ICEI), and International Seminar. We would like to ask for your help to promote one of our events "International Challenge on Economic Ideas" which is held worldwide.

"International Challenge on Economic Ideas" paper competition have goal is to trigger students’ critical thinking aspect as well as their creative ideas on the issue that we brought up: “Combating Inequality Toward Sustainable Economy”, with total prizes $2200

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“Combating Inequality toward Economic Sustainability: Role of Private and Public Sectors”

  1. Papers may be submitted by anyone age 18 to 25 years old (as of September 23rd, 2013).
  2. Paper length is maximum at 25 pages including appendix, excluding cover and title page, written in US English or UK English. Mixture of both are prohibited.
  3. Papers must have a Statement of Authorship page indicating: (1) Paper title (2) your full name (3) handphone number/e-mail address (4) nationality (5) age as of September 23, 2013 (6) gender (7) school/university/institution name (if applicable).
  4. Registration form and guideline e-book available for download on www.fsde-himiespa.com
  5. Entries must be submitted via e-mail to iceifsde2013@gmail.com. All entries must be in .pdf format and compiled in compressed folder (.RAR/.ZIP).Entries include:a. Paper, submitted separately on three parts:i. Paper Content (Introduction to conclusion) ii. Title Page (Include author names and affiliation) iii. Appendix of paper (references and tables) b. Statement of Authorship
  6. Please send the email using the following subject format (ICEI2013_”FIRST AUTHOR NAME”_”AFFILIATION”), all written in uppercase.
  7. Papers must be original and never been published in any publication methods before.
  8. Papers must be written maximum by three person in one team. Co-authored papers are accepted. One person can submit more than one paper.
  9. Copyright of the papers entered will be assigned to the organizers.
  10. Ten best papers will be available online at www.fsde-himiespa.com
Download guideline and more info: http://fsde-himiespa.com
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