NNDC is a debate competition using British Parliamentary (BP) format that is held annually by English Debate Society (EDS) UNY. This competition will give you many opportunities to newbie debaters to advance their skills in debating. There will be many debaters coming from different cities in Indonesia competing tightly to grab the trophy.

A year ago, The first NNDC was successfully conducted and participated by many competitive newbie debaters from different cities. This year, we welcome you all, not only from Java but also outside Java, to participate and enjoy competing. The competition is to be held in May 2013.
Yogyakarta, the venue of the competition, will be an attractive place to visit. There are many tourist destinations that provide unique cultures, life style, as well as having many delicious traditional foods. You will get an unforgettable experiences after the competition.
We will try to make this competition run better than the previous one. We try to serve you with the best hospitality. So, be ready and prepare yourself for this competition. Don't miss it!

  1. We provide only 48 caps.
  2. The registration fee is Rp 375.000,00 for each team (lodging is not included).
  3. Each institution may send 3 teams, the first two teams (A & B) will be on the main list, and the rest (C) will be on the waiting list.
  4. Participants are obliged to fill completely the registration form. After that, please send it to NNDC UNY email and confirm as soon as possible to our registration officer, Astri Ollivia (0857 3500 8338). Name and institution should be mentioned in the message. By following this rule, your team will be counted as registered team.
  5. However, if you have submitted the incomplete data in the form, you will not be considered as the participant of National Newbie Debate Competition UNY 2013. Therefore, please make sure you fill all the data on the form.
  6. All participants of NNDC UNY is categorized as Newbie. What we meant by Newbie are:
  • Never joined the debate parliamentary systems in more than two years (british, asian, and australs) since in varsity level.
  • Never broke (counted from octofinals) in all national and international debate competitions, such as NUEDC, Bawor Cup, Founder's Trophy, ALSA UI, JOVED, IVED, and off course in AUDC, WUDC etc.
  • Never broke (counted from octofinals) in all novice and main break category in national and international debate competitions.
For further information, please contact:
Astri Ollivia        : 0857 3500 8338
Arif  Burhanudin    : 0857 3733 5566

  • March 28th to April 14th    : The registration date.
  • April 17th     : The announcement of main list teams followed by our    Bank account number in which you have to pay the fee.
  • April 17th to 19th    : The payment for main list teams. Please send as soon as possible your scanned proof of payment to and confirm to Astri Ollivia 0857 3500 8338.
  • April 20th     : The Announcement for secure slot* and promotted waiting list teams If there are some caps left from the main list.
  • April 20th to 22nd    : The Payment for promotted waiting list teams (if any). Please send as soon as possible your scanned proof of payment to and confirm to Astri Ollivia 0857 3500 8338.
  • April 25th     : The Announcement for fixed participants of NNDC UNY.
*Secure slot : the main list who has already became the participants of NNDC UNY due to paying the fee.
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