International Culture and Education Festival (ICEF) 2013

International Culture and Education Festival (ICEF) 2013



International Culture and Education Festival (ICEF) is an education program based on foreign culture’s festival especially about agricultural. In this program, foreign culture was introduced in form of Expo and competitions. The theme of this event in By Culture, Conquer the World and Hail the Value of Education, with it’s purpose to introduced foreign culture and give new information about foreign cultures, especially the country of IAAS’s member because with culture we can conquer the world.

We welcome you to IAAS Local Committee University of Brawijaya. Established, since 1992 IAAS LC UB has enables young people in Malang to give positive impact to the society by preparing ourselves to be the next leader of Indonesia. Leadership Skill, Functional Skill, Awareness of Global Issues, Global Mindset and Managerial Skill are the development that IAAS LC UB give to its member.


In this event, it’s devide into two category, these are:
1.    Culture
a.    Exhibition
This kind of event is where culture expo was held to introduce many kinds of foreign cultures, such as cuisines, suites, dance, historical place and many more, especially from IAAS member’s country, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Japan, Turki, Mexico, Canada, United States and Africa.

b.    Fashion Show
The purpose of this event is introduce foreign suites especially from IAAS member’s country, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Japan, Turki, Mexico, Canada, United States and Africa.
FEE 75K IDR. Registration Deadline May, 17th 2013.

2.   Education
a.    Exhibition
Beside culture expo, this exhibition also provide some informations about education such as Non Goverment Organization, “LBB” and many more to all participants and audience in Mall Olympic Garden.

b.    “Mading 3D” competition
This event was utilities for students in Senior High School to explore their inspiration about Agriculture nowadays. FEE 75K IDR. Registration Deadline May, 17th 2013.

c.    “Lomba Mewarnai”
This competition is where students in kinder garden can improve their skill in colouring and as a new knowledge about agriculture world, because as we know Indonesian is an agricultural country beside archipelago country. So, with this new knowledge about agriculture, the furute axpectation is they will have awarness to love agriculture for suistanable food sovereignty. FEE 25K IDR. Registration deadline May, 17th 2013.

d. Presenter Contest
The purpose of this contest is to improve participant in public speaking as a new way to support their communication skills. Beside that, also as a media for spreading information about IAAS to society through some topic that will be present by participants. FEE 45K IDR. Registration deadline May, 10th 2013.

e.    Merchandise Design Competition
This activity is where all participants can improves their imagination through design they are made and communicated it to society, especially about IAAS it self. FEE 25K IDR. Registration Deadline May, 4th 2013.

We are waiting for your to join International Culture and Education Festival. Welcome to ICEF! See you soon. :)

More information about each contests and competitions, you can read the details here :


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