Digital Creative Idea Festival and Competition 2013

Living up creative ideas by utilizing your gadgets and technology. Let's join the competitions and experiences our greatest Digital Art & Design Exhibition. We will also presenting shows to be enjoyed with. So, gussy up and give us your best shoot.

Organized by: STISI Telkom Campus

Competitions (15 February-1 April 2013):
  1. Instragram
  2. Cinemagraph 
  3. Stomp Percussion
  4. Futuristic Fashion Design
  5. Digital Fashion Speech
  6. Creative Interior Design 
  7. Futuristic Interior Writing
  8. Futuristic Product Design
  9. Digital Creativepreneur Idea
  10. Digital Painting
  11. Scanography
  12. Light Painting

Exhibition (13 April 2013):
  1. Visual Communication Design
  2. Textile Craft & Fashion
  3. Interior Design
  4. Product Design
  5. Fine Art

Prizes: IDR 85 Million

082121272015 - 02261771815
Facebook: Digicreativefest Stisitelkom
Twitter: @dgicreativefest

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