SECTION (Student English Communication Competition)

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We all know how crucial communication is in our lives, and of course, in business. Has someone ever talks you into buying something? Have you ever seen an advertisement so appealing that you felt compelled to buy the product? Or have you ever seen a well-developed product that so many people bought, but did not have good advertising? Well, the power of communication has been powerfully incorporated in the world of business that it becomes elementary and crucial in the success of a business. If you have ever heard of Steve Jobs, you would have been assured of it. After all, his success is partly due to his powerful persuasions and charisma.

And so, we are here now to bring you an exciting opportunity and challenge you to win our grandeur total prize of Rp 40 million!

S1 Prasetiya Mulya’s Integrated Communication Club now invites you to the first ever, and one of the biggest in the year, national business English competition: SECTION !

This 3-day event is unlike what you have experienced before, as all the contestants will enjoy a gala dinner to award the winners on the last day of the event. The contestants will be from all over Indonesia, and since the event will last for 3 days, you will be provided an accommodation near the campus. So don’t miss it, get yourself ready for some business talk and public speaking!


Day / Date Time
: Prasetiya Mulya BSD Campus Jalan BSD Raya Barat, Edutown, Kav. 1 No. 1 BSD City,  Tangerang
: Friday / August 31st 2012 – Sunday / September 2nd 2012: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm

The “Art of Business” theme will be dominating all fields of competition situation, such as the decoration, the attire, and also the cases given.


In debate, there will be two teams competing in each round to convince the adjudicators by representing their argument related to the motion given. All the motion content is about the business situation. Assessment of the debate will be focused on the manner, matter, and the method performed by each debater. Each round in this debate competition will have at least one chairperson who holds the final decision.

Each participant is required to be able to tell story based on a provided theme from the committee with specified time duration. All of the themes will be pertaining to business figures and or value of a company.

All of the themes given will be related to the business leaders/figures, or about a case of a company. The theme is packed with the ambiance of business and formal dress code.

Each participant will deliver a speech on the theme given, whether in an informative or persuasive way. The theme will be related to business situation.

Each team will be given a theme and they will compete to create the most interesting and informative wall magazine. Magazine may be made either in two-dimensional or three- dimensional. The theme given will be related to the national and international business situation. Each team should be presenting their wall magazine in front of the judges.

Wait for our invitation in YOUR school! For questions, please contact Tyo (08998727638) or Chevy (085721241153). Also, follow our twitter @the1stsection and check our blog ; we will keep you updated!

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