International Conference and Call for Paper "ICCP 2012"

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International Conference and Call for Paper
"Information and Communication Technology in Education" 

Jadwal kegiatan: 14-15 April 2012
  • Keynote Speaker :  
Prof. Dr. H. Amien Rais*
  • Invited Speakers :
  1. Mr. Deny Smeets (Holland) 
  2. Prof. Dr Park (Korea) 
  3. Herman Dwi Surjono, M.Sc., MT., Ph.D. (Indonesia)
        Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) as a college which is undertake a mission to produce graduates who are independent
and noble scholar, and respond to these demands by making ICT learning and delivery handbook and materials to the freshmen in ICT. This is done for the students to acquire insight and capable of adapting to progress in the field of ICT as well as being able to use a computer with a good skill early on. As a manifestation of concern facing the phenomenon of ILP2MI (Research Institute of Bond and Reasoning Indonesia Students) and Student Activity Units offer International Research UNY Conference and Call for Papers on the theme of ICT in Education.
International conference and call for paper give them knowledge and experience about the importance of education based on ICT . The capability of learners harness ICT in education is expected to improve the quality of education in Indonesia and capable of being manifest existence in Indonesia on the sight of international that the young generation in Indonesia also able to face the challenges in the digital age , have good skill in using and harnesses ICT. This activity is expected to be one event that can play role in childbirth qualified human resources , skillful and professional harness ict in learning and toward the Indonesian nation that cendekia and self supporting . Besides this activity is expected to be an inspiration for organization another to make similar activities more fruitful.
By holding on international conference and call for paper it is expected to have benefits as follows :
  1. increase appreciation and knowledge of the people against ICT in Education .
  2. being forum communication teachers , a lecturer , and students about the importance of ict in education .
  3. being innovations in learning process and taught by teachers and lecturers .
  4. with ICT, an educator able to formulate strategy learn the proper for learners .
  5. drive the teachers and lecturers to develop practices taught her in innovative ways .
  6. capable of igniting growth of a conducive atmosphere learning and interactive .
To bring about “International Conference and Call for Paper” is described as below:
  1. Opening Ceremony
Day and Date : April, 14th Saturday 2012
Time : 18.00 – 21.00 WIB
Place : KPLT Building, Yogyakarta State University
  2. Time for International Conference and Call for Paper
Day and Date : April, 15th Sunday 2012
Time : 07.00 – 17.15 WIB
Place : KPLT Building, Yogyakarta State University
  3. Fieldtrip
Day and Date : April, 16th Monday 2012
Time : 07.00 – 15.00 WIB
Place : SMP N 5 Yogyakarta, SMP N 1 Bantul, Malioboro

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