11th Economix Asian Economic Challenges

Deadline: September 12th 2013

KANOPI (Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Ekonomi dan Pembangunan) Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia

"Maintaining Economic Stability in Fragile Global Recovery"

July 12th-Sept 12th 2013
Write an essay based on one of these sub themes:
Main Theme: What should Asia do to mitigate the outbreak of global economic crises
Sub Theme 1: Strengthening fiscal capacity in order to maintain public-debt sustainability
Sub Theme 2: Defining macroeconomic policies to rebalance trade
Sub Theme 3: Enhancing financial system efficiency through financial reform

This year conference presents a the on: 
"Moving Together, Navigating Global Uncertainties: Issues of Intra-Asia Economic Relations"

Win total prize $2000 (Detail: 1st = $ 1000, 2nd = $ 600, 3rd = $400)  

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